Since its formation Freca Mining and Manufacturing has undertaken a number of construction
projects. Some of the clients for Freca mining include

  •  Kansanshi Mining Plc
  • First Quantum Mineral Operations –Mining Division
  • Ministry of Works and Supply
  • Group Five Civils
  • Bresmar Investments Limited
  • University of Zambia    
  • Bwana Mkubwa Mining Limited
  • Dawako Farms

Freca aims at working according to the highest standards. We have every step in our operation
process examined and scientifically tested by qualified staff or an external part. Our work is
therefore, of high quality.

Freca is managed by an energetic and result-oriented team comprising of competent managers,
accountants, engineers, foremen, artisans, and machine operators. This team has a wide range of
experience in our fields of specialization.