Freca Mining Ltd Safety Department have to assess the safety and health performance of workers and management in general.

The following below items are put into consideration:

  • Safety and Health Training of the Employees
  • The performance of a Risk Assessment for the envisaged work.
  • Suitable and approved Safety Equipment.
  • Appointment of competent persons, including SHE
  • Representatives, First Aiders, Supervisors and accredited
  • Electricians, etc.
  • Registration and good standing in terms of the work.

7.0 Leadership and Personal commitment

7.1 Management and Leader Participation

Freca Mining Ltd Issue and promote communications related to safety and health to all workers through toolbox talks, Pre-shift Information and Safety meetings, memos, notices and verbal coaching.

  • Conduct safety and health tours of their areas of responsibility and other areas through the visible felt leadership program (VFL).
  • Use safety and health as a value-adding topic of discussion at all meetings.
  • Provide support and appropriate resources for audits

Freca Mining and Manufacturing Limited 2015

  • Provide role modeling and mentorship through personal behaviors.
  • Personal compliance with all safety and health standards.
  • Adequate resources to ensure objectives and targets are met through the strategic plans and annual budgets.
  • Regular communications to all employees that relate to safety and health issues and performance through toolbox talks, pre-shift information and safety meetings,memos, notices and verbal coaching.
  • Safety review of projects, new construction, equipment purchases and facility changes.
  • Clearly defined safety targets, goals and standards of performance for all levels of supervision including a personal safety action plan.
  • An appropriate level of field presence by all levels of supervision.
  • Prompt personal feedback to employees’ concerns.
  • Safety as a value-adding topic of discussion at all meetings.
  • Safety leadership and safety management training for all levels of supervision that addresses:
  • Understanding safety management, standards and regulatory requirements organized by the Health & safety Department.
  • Skill and competency training organized by the training department.

Freca Mining and Manufacturing Limited 2015

  • Coaching/mentoring.
  • Becoming a role model.
  • Supervision and management leadership in all incident investigations.